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Download online Movie Full No Speed Limits

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“Spellbound” Download Movie In HD, DivX, DVD, Ipod

Movie Title :Spellbound

Dr. Anthony Edwardes, sent to replace Dr. Murchison as head of Green Manors mental hospital, is an impostor. When Murchinson calls the police, Edwardes leaves, followed by Dr. Constance Peterson, who has fallen in love with him and wants to treat his amnesia. She believes he is a medical doctor whose name is John. Skiing down a long slope, accompanied by Constance, John relives the memory of his brother being impaled on an iron fence with parallel bars, an accident for which he feels responsible. Police find the real Dr. Edwardes’ dead body and John is accused of his murder. Written by alfiehitchie

Movie Year : 1945

Movie Genres : Mystery

ImdbRating : 7.70

Strange . . . Strange . . . Their Irresistible Love! Dark . . . Dark . . . Their Inescapable Fears !
The Maddest Love that ever possessed a woman
Will he Kiss me or Kill me?

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Movie Actors : Ingrid Bergman:Dr. Constance Petersen
Gregory Peck:John Ballantyne
Michael Chekhov:Dr. Alexander Brulov
Leo G. Carroll:Dr. Murchison
Rhonda Fleming:Mary Carmichael
John Emery:Dr. Fleurot
Norman Lloyd:Mr. Garmes
Bill Goodwin:House detective
Steven Geray:Dr. Graff
Donald Curtis:Harry
Wallace Ford:Stranger in Hotel Lobby
Art Baker:Det. Lt. Cooley
Regis Toomey:Det. Sgt. Gillespie
Paul Harvey:Dr. Hanish
Jean Acker:Matron (uncredited)
Irving Bacon:Railway Gateman (uncredited)
Richard Bartell:Ticket Taker (uncredited)
Harry Brown:Gateman (uncredited)
Joel Davis:John Ballantine as a Boy (uncredited)
Jacqueline deWit:Nurse (uncredited)

Movie Directors : Alfred Hitchcock

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